Donor tax receipt letters

Sending Donation Thank-You Letters? Don't Forget The Legal Information.

As nonprofit leaders, we want to build natural, friendly relationships with donors so they know how much we appreciate their support and contributions. In doing so, we should take the extra time needed to personalize a thank-you letter. Because…
Secure Nonprofit Sponsors

How Certification Helps Secure Sponsors For Nonprofits

If you read any job description for a nonprofit executive director, you will likely see the requirement 'must be able to secure sponsors'. Securing sponsorships for fundraising events is a primary revenue stream for nonprofits. It is a mandatory…
Surprising Costs of Poor Nonprofit Marketing

The Surprising Costs of Poor Nonprofit Marketing, and How to Fix Them

Do you track all of your nonprofit marketing spend? How much effort goes into your analysis of what you spend on each and every marketing effort? Chances are if you did track every activity and every cent, you'd be shocked at the true…

Generate More Leads With Your In-Person Presentations

Guest post by course instructor Jo Lynn Deal. Do you give presentations or host trainings as part of your nonprofit marketing? Maybe you host or guest speak on webinars or Google hangouts. Or maybe it's a bigger deal and you are the speaker…

How To Build Bridges Between All Nonprofit Departments And Marketing

When a nonprofit has a fundraising event on the horizon, it's very common to follow an all-hands-on-deck approach. Staff is limited, resources are limited, and funding is limited, so you need the help of everyone in the organization. Job titles…
Nonprofit Press Release

What To Do When The News Media Doesn't Open Your Event Press Release

Many nonprofit marketers spend a lot of time following best practices and the AP Style Guide to craft the perfect news release around their special events. When you finish, you send the release to key staff for its final editing and approval. You've…

How To Gain Board Member Buy-In For Major Programs

Is your nonprofit leadership team searching for new revenue streams to balance fundraising efforts? Module One of the Integrated Nonprofit Marketing certification course points to eLearning as one of five new viable revenue streams for…