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Go beyond marketing. Way beyond. The new Integrated Nonprofit Marketing self-paced, online course teaches you how to optimize your marketing, develop new revenue streams, and maximize employee and board member performance.

Gain access to over 100 tools and templates to build a tailored marketing program as you progress through the modules. Once you complete the course, you have a solid program in place ready for launch.

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What major challenges keep nonprofit leaders up at night?

We asked nonprofit leaders what is keeping them up at night. Do these challenges sound familiar?

  • Budget cuts are always looming.  We need access to unrestricted funds to sustain our important programs.
  • How can we keep donors engaged at a more personal level and year round?
  • We need to grow our external network to secure more business partners and sponsors.
  • Our staff’s time and skills are limited, and so are our resources. How do I provide training without killing my budget?
  • We need revenue programs and marketing campaigns our board members will support.

The Nonprofit Marketing Academy is a resource center for nonprofit leaders to help you solve challenges like these using an Integrated Marketing Approach and Employee Professional Development. Our new Integrated Nonprofit Marketing course is an advanced online course and peer community that will help you optimize employee performance, expand marketing efforts, generate new revenue, and most importantly ‘get some well-deserved rest.’

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